Happy New Year! Now Forget Those Resolutions!

by CMCarr

As one calendar year ends and another begins, we’re bombarded with words such as: “Revitalize!” or “Recharge!” or “Reorganize!”

Sure, it’s always good to have goals, but what if we’re good just the way we are?

As we welcome 2018, let’s resolve to not worry about whether we’re attractive enough, thin enough, have enough money, or are buying the trendiest items.

Let’s not worry about hitting the gym every day or striving for supple skin or shiny hair or eating enough kale. Being a woman isn’t about how we look, but what we’re doing with our lives—and life is messy, complicated, full of surprises, and waiting for us every day if we’re lucky.

It doesn’t begin on January 1st. Every day is an opportunity to make life whatever we want it to be, and that can include not reorganizing the closet or not redecorating the living room or not reading that pile of bestselling books or not cooking a fabulous organic dinner.

We don’t need to re-anything. Change is constant, so why pile on the pressure with New Year’s resolutions?

We’re enough—right now—exactly as we are today.

Moreover, womanhood is a spectrum of possibilities, not an advertisement promoting perfection. In an era of growing sociopolitical exclusion, we want to foster an environment of inclusion.

Womanhood is strength, resilience, resourcefulness, compassion, independence, and so much more. Womanhood is every skin color, every body type, every faith, every sexual orientation, every political affiliation, every income level; it’s being a mother or not being a mother. To be a woman in 2018 means a realm of choices and opportunities our mothers and grandmothers did not have.

We are all trying to find our way, so we understand how hard things can sometimes be, and how important it is to feel heard and to connect with others.

In the coming year, this app will undergo changes of its own to reflect our evolving views on womanhood, so please stay with us to see what unfolds in the new year.

As our community here grows, we seek to create a safe space where women can speak honestly about what’s going on in their lives as well as have fun. After all, humor heals.

Raise a glass and toast to being a woman and to being perfect the way you are.

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2018.