In Search Of Happiness

by CMCarr

Today is International Day of Happiness, a celebration created by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2012. The UN sought educate people on the importance of happiness and how to find more happiness in life.

Turns out that material wealth is not the key. The answer lies in creating better relationships with other people and taking better care of our physical, mental and emotional health.

Today there is an Action for Happiness pledge: “I will try to create more happiness in the world around me.”

You can even sign up to receive a Happiness Guidebook to get tips on how to find more happiness in life, such as doing three extra acts of kindness or reaching out to someone who’s struggling.

They also suggest paying more attention to the good things around you every day, whether big or small, and taking a moment each day to stop, pay attention and be in the moment.

My favorite suggestion: Smile every time you walk into a room and notice the reaction you get. You’ll lift the entire mood of the room and in turn you’ll become happier as well.

We in the Systerhood have much to celebrate—we have each other to turn to and lean on for love and support.

That certainly brings me much happiness and makes me smile.