BEST BLOGS: Review of

By Nicole Debevec

Meg Matthews, British socialite and former wife of ex-Oasis singer-songwriter Noel Gallagher, was shocked to learn from her doctor that symptoms she was experiencing – anxiety, sore joints, headaches, nausea and weight gain among them – were tied to menopause. She turned her surprise into the award-winning, broad-spectrum website, which seeks to arm women with information and support about menopause and the changes it imposes on women.

Why this site works:

MegsMenopause is packed with information* – whether blog posts or research – written by Matthews, Team MM or guest authors.

On this all-things-menopause website, no topic is off-topic: Bloating, divorce, alcohol consumption, the “sandwich effect” of caring for children and parents while menopausal. Articles are to-the-point and include tips or suggestions to address the particular issue. The site offers definitions about the stages and symptoms of menopause.

The “Lifestyle” tab neatly groups related topics under headings such as “Self,” “Nutrition,” “Beauty” and “Society.”

Matthews launched a daylong conference devoted to busting myths and taboos about menopause. She puts herself out there on Twitter and Facebook and in more traditional media interviews when discussing her shock at the lack of knowledge or understanding about something every woman will experience at some point in her life.

In other words, Matthews picked up the glove and accepted – no, embraced – the dual challenge of destigmatizing menopause and help women better understand what’s happening to their bodies.