Do Selfies = Self-Worth?

The average girl spends almost 90 minutes a week trying to take the perfect selfie. That’s 78 hours a year–trying to capture the perfect coy facade to present to the world via social media.

Imagine spending nearly two workweeks taking selfies, all to garner ‘Likes’ to bolster your self-esteem.

Two weeks trying to present your best possible self to world. And for what? Because their self-worth is based on the attention they get from those photos.

Today is No Selfie Day.

Let’s imagine a world where girls spend those 78 hours a year doing other things: science experiments, sports, studying, painting, learning a language, playing music, reading, dancing, visiting their grandparents, even photographing something other than themselves.

Let’s make it a No Selfie Week. Maybe even a No Selfie Month.