Comfort & Joy--How to Beat Holiday Stress

By Tesle Telan

The winter season may bring you love, passion and positivity while also making you feel a bit stressed out and weary, and it’s very understandable!

Making time for all your loved ones while struggling to attend events and parties (whatever holiday you celebrate) along with gift shopping and wrapping can be quite tiresome. Aside from that, you may be swamped at work as well, trying to juggle everything for that year end report or trying to finish as much as you can before you finally get to enjoy the much awaited vacation–or deal with a houseful of guests while the kids are on school break.

We understand this struggle! We came up with these simple tips to help you beat the holiday stress with much sassiness & style!

Mindset to Happiness Think of this season as a memory–after a few months, will you still worry about this? No. So enjoy yourself, smile and think positive! You know you got this! (And if you’re not sure if you do, we’re confident you do!)

Set Goals & Plans Listing your goals for the week and all your plans, events and activities will make things easier to manage. Having so much on your plate feels overwhelming–relax and breathe! :)

Enjoy The Perks of the Holidays Don’t worry so much about the holiday gains! It’s all about moderation. Enjoy a few bites of holiday treats or special dishes.

Turn up the music Listening to music boosts your energy and lightens the mood. Turn up the radio or play your favorite holiday songs.

It is indeed a beautiful time of the year! Beat the holiday stress and let’s all choose to be merry!