Cucumber Clothing Makes Menopause Cool

By Cucumber Clothing

We created Cucumber Clothing to be the happy marriage of cutting edge fabric technology with great design, mixing performance and style in the most modern way.

The result? A great night’s sleep.

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Cucumber’s Fabrics

All Cucumber’s fabrics are made in a way that moves any moisture up and away from the skin quickly, leaving the wearer cool and dry.

Cucumber helps keep your body temperature as even as possible, and for those women who suffer from hormonally or medically induced night sweats, Cucumber speedily wicks away any excess moisture, so the wearer can simply turn over and go back to sleep.

Look Great, Feel Great

Our high tech fabrics look luxurious and feel beautifully soft next to the skin so you look as great as you feel.

Even better, our fabrics are

  • quick cold machine or
  • hand wash,
  • hang dry and
  • minimal or zero ironing.

Beautiful and practical!

Our constantly evolving collection of fabrics all share certain attributes:

Long lasting – Colour fast and with superior fibre strength, our garments are made for keeping.

Our pieces are made for the long run and when our customers decide they would like a refresh, they can send them back to be reused/recycled for a discount on their next purchase.

We also offer our Loan to Own model which lets you try before you buy, allowing you to trial lots of pieces while increasing circularity!

Easy Care – Using different technologies to deal with sweat and odours, our garments hardly need to be washed, meaning substantially less water and energy over the lifetime of each garment.

The Golden Rules

At Cucumber, we are all about focussing on the positive, so here are Cucumber’s five golden rules to try and help sleep problems from turning into chronic insomnia.

1. Make your bedroom a sleep paradise.

Keep your bedroom as cool as possible.

Turn off all lights and get rid of any electronic buzzing or beeping flashing gadgets.

Keep it nice and quiet, closing shutters or curtains, and turning off ticking clocks or any other noise-generating items.

2. Eat early.

Try to keep your evening meal as early and as light as possible.

Avoid bedtime snacks as acid reflux, heartburn or general digestion can interfere with and delay sleep.

3. Relax.

Keep to a regular bedtime routine and try to incorporate a relaxation or meditation practice.

This can be as simple as having a soothing bath with delicious sleep-inducing oils and a cool compress over the eyes, or a few minutes of quiet chanting or calming yoga stretches.

Whatever feels good for you!

4. Mum was right, no smoking or drinking.

Keep to healthy practices and ditch the tobacco and alcohol where possible.

Tobacco, aside from the obvious nasties, has a stimulant effect.

Alcohol may initially help you drift off into a light sleep, but it prevents the body from going into the necessary deep stages of restorative sleep.

5. Cucumber Clothing.

Keep moving that sweat away from your body.

This can be as basic as throwing off the bedsheets, but we recommend wearing Cucumber’s moisture-wicking nightwear.

These won’t stop the hot flushes, but will move any sweat up and away from the body at speed, killing off any odour-creating bacteria at the same time.

No more pools of sweat or soaking sheets.

Then cold wash and hang dry (very quick – thanks to moisture-wicking properties).

No iron, no fuss.

And did you know we are a sustainable brand that makes everything in a 5-mile radius in London?

So you can sleep easy on that count too!

mySysters’ COO Cheryl wears Cucumber Clothing’s vneck dress in silver in the photo. Photo credit to Whitney Hanson. (mySysters members are eligible for a special discount by using MYCUCUMBER15.

Go the Cucumber Clothing website or look in myShop in the mySysters app for the discount to be automatically applied.)

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