Teaching Children to Express Themselves

by Tesle Telan

Kids feel big emotions in big ways. Helping them learn the names of these emotions is important so they know how to communicate better. Young children can be taught basic emotions such as happy, mad, sad, scared and tired. As they grow older, it becomes easier for them to grasp concepts such as nervous, shy, frustrated and more.

Here are some ways you can help your child learn the language they need to easily express their feelings.

Sing songs about expressing feelings. Kids enjoy music and singing so one of the best ways for them to learn how to express their feelings is through songs.

Play fun activities with emotions concept and make it informative by explaining each emotion to them after each game. This will help stimulate their minds to further understand the concepts. You can find activities to help kids learn these concepts here.

Watch kid-friendly videos about feelings. Kids respond well to video stimulation and it retains in their memory easier especially with catchy songs or phrases. Research the ones that has kid-friendly words so kids can easily understand what the video is about.

Another way for you to be able to teach your children about feelings is to get into the habit of labeling feelings you believe your child is experiencing. Labeling your child’s feelings as they happen helps them to build their feelings vocabulary. You can also read stories to your child and discuss how the characters in the story are feeling.

It is important that children learn that it is okay to have their feelings and explain it as much as they can in a kind and appropriate manner. You can discuss more ways and tips on how you can teach your children about feelings and emotions with their teacher or school counselor as well. This will help you better understand the things to consider and ways to teach them easily.