Wearable Tech Trends for 2019

by Tesle Telan

Wearable tech gets even more stylish this 2019. New, fresh, fun and functional pieces will be released this year. Wearable pieces such as jewellery that also functions as a tracker. **These smart jewelleries are specifically made for women to track sleep, stress, steps, calorie burn and menstrual cycle. **

More and more companies are focused in building wearables to help keep women healthy. Whether it’s fitness trackers that actually fit women’s bodies or tech to address specific health problems.

The most popular is the fitness tracking technology which tracks walking and running. But this year, more companies will be releasing smart fitness clothing for women and tech to track more in depth level like mood and fertility.

There are also technology devices that allow women to track parts of their life more thoroughly especially when there is something unusual happening inside their body.

Here are some examples of wearable tech trends for women:

L’Oreal My UV Patch and UV Sense L’Oreal’s latest UV sensing wearable is tiny and you can actually stick it to your fingernail, your watch or even on the side your sunglasses. The idea is, when you buy the ‘sensor’, you’ll choose a design and it will send data on how much UV exposure you are getting to your smartphone via NFC.

Elvie Pelvic floor exercises are beneficial for all women, improving bladder and bowel control. This is a tampon-like device that provides five minute workouts for your pelvic floor muscles, and comes with a smartphone app.

Livia This device promises to be the off switch for lower abdomen cramps. Livia aims to close the “pain gates” through stimulating the nerves involved and block the pain signals from being sent to your brain.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing the wearable tech trends to be released this year. Which one are you excited to try?