BEST BLOGS: Review of

By Nicole Debevec

Founded by a female OB/GYN and tapping into the insights of several health care providers,, was developed to provide relevant, useful information about menopause and how to manage it.

Why this site works: The utilitarian website MenopauseMatters takes a more clinical approach to dispensing information about menopause and its effects on the health of older women. What it lacks in glitz it makes up for in guidance. And visitors can read an online version of the print magazine, Menopause Matters.

The site is straight-forward. Tabs – “Menopause,” “Treatment,” “Health,” for example – open dropdown menus on various topics that offer clinical insight as well as pros and cons as appropriate, such as when presenting alternative treatments to HRT.

The “More” tab really does offer more. Blogs by three physicians, lists of menopause-related books, reprints of articles and surveys, printable pamphlets, testimonials and links to other healthcare-related websites.

The site also has a space for products that it neither endorses nor recommends. is an award-winning website that presents current, accurate information about the menopause, its symptoms and treatment alternatives. As MenopauseMatters says on its home page, “The menopause affects all women, but doesn’t have to be a nightmare. … Be informed and prepared for your Menopause.”