BEST BLOGS: Review of Live Better with Menopause

By Nicole Debevec

Live Better with Menopause is one of those websites that offers A LOT of “stuff” for women experiencing menopause. Tangible and intangible. Physical and emotional. Alleviating and affirming.

**Why this website works: **

On the commercial side, Live Better with Menopause, based in London, offers consumer products categorized by symptom – night sweats, sleeplessness, weight gain, sexual intimacy, brittle nails…you get the idea. The site also sells materials to address menopause in the workplace, such as product kits suitable for a bathroom or desk, as well as materials and the services of a menopause coach to help raise awareness of menopause in the employment arena.

Also on the site is a series of practical tips and definitions about the side effects of perimenopause and menopause. Check out the “Guides” dropdown for information on subjects such as those annoying-to-debilitating physical ailments, prepping for menopause (How I wish I had known then what I know now!) or brain fog.

Not only is there information about the “why” behind what’s happening to your body, but also practical ways to counter or alleviate those occurrences, some of the common-sense variety, others not so intuitive but equally instructive.

Live Better with Menopause also offers support through its “Blog” heading. The blogs call out specific issues – memory loss, for example – or points to its survey on the misconceptions about Menopause.

That said, one post promoted several skin products sold on the site and the last post was in March 2018, when Live Better with Menopause announced its online support group.

The site’s “Support Group” link is a Facebook-based forum where women experiencing perimenopause and menopause can share what they’ve undergone and voice any concerns. Members of the closed group also can exchange tips on how to deal with the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause in a non-threatening setting. The forum doesn’t purport to be dispensing medical advice and also dissuades potential members from using the site to promote commercial ventures.

One thing … I like to know the bones of a site such as this. I was unable to locate an “About Us” section to learn more about the brains behind Live Better with Menopause. I learned about its location from the “Privacy” and “Terms and Conditions” links.

All told, though, Live Better with Menopause strikes the right balance between the economic, educational and emotional aspects of menopause.