Welcome to the (emotional) Roller Coaster

By CMCarr

There are dozens of roller coasters around the world named Boomerang. There are also roller coasters named Mind Eraser, Rita-Queen of Speed, Sky Princess, and my personal favorite, Big Looping Coaster.

Perimenopause should be renamed the Big Looping Coaster based simply on the fact women can experience up to 10 moods in a single hour. You read that correctly: 10 moods in ONE HOUR!

Merriam-Webster defines MOOD as ‘a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion.’

Dictionary.com defines MOOD as ‘a state or quality of feeling at a particular time.

It’s easy to ridicule to the mood swings that accompany hormonal changes when it’s happening to others. It’s not so funny when you’re the one riding the Big Looping Coaster.

Afra Willmore writes about her roller coaster ride here.

To learn more about the hormonal changes that cause mood swings, check out this article in Medical News Today.

When my oldest daughter started middle school the principal told parents, “Your child is about to embark on a hormonal roller coaster. Whatever you do, DO NOT get on the roller coaster with them!” On difficult days parents would text one another, *‘I got on the roller coaster with my kid.’ *

Now I’m fairly sure if I checked my children’s phones I’d see similar text messages, only in reverse: *‘I got on the roller coaster with Mom.’ *

On second thought, maybe there’s an upside to this ride after all.