Going Au Naturel

by CMCarr

I don’t have hot flashes so much as I’m hot ALL THE TIME. It’s not unusual for me to turn on the ceiling fan and aim two smaller fans straight at me while I sleep, sans pajamas and blankets, despite the subzero temps outside.

I’ve availed myself of all the best pharma on the market. (My opinion is women should make whatever choice is best for themselves during perimenopause, and people should STFU and be supportive. We’re a varied bunch, and what works for one of us will not work for everyone else.)

There are also natural options to help alleviate various perimenopause symptoms, several of which I use as well, depending on what changes my hormones are putting me through.

Patricia Bratianu is a nurse with 40 years of experience who realized that conventional healthcare wasn’t meeting the needs of all patients. She obtained a PhD in natural health and is now registered herbalist and member of the American Herbalists Guild.

She outlines 15 herbal treatment options for perimenopause symptoms here, including gingko, black cohosh, sage and vitex.

Other ways to control menopausal symptoms include eating well, exercising, and avoiding triggers such as caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods and cigarettes. Check with your medical professional for more help in dealing with symptoms related to perimenopause and menopause.