Everything you Want to Know about Bia Care's Online Menopause Clinic

by the Bia Care team

Bia Care is an award-winning clinic revolutionising menopause treatment with the UK’s leading menopause experts.

Bia Care was created by a group of NHS Healthcare Professionals, who saw first-hand the challenges women face when searching for menopause treatment.

Our goal is to make excellent menopause care available to everyone without waiting lists or expensive private clinics.

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What is a group consultation?

A group consultation is when a doctor delivers a consultation to 6 to 8 women simultaneously.

Everyone takes turns having a 10 minute 1-1 conversation with the doctor.

The benefit is that other group members can listen and learn from the shared questions and answers.

You can even get a prescription, if appropriate.

What is lifestyle medicine?

A well-researched approach to holistic healthcare, supported by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and Royal Colleges.

Key pillars of lifestyle medicine include:

  • physical activity and exercise,
  • diet and nutrition,
  • sleep,
  • stress reduction,
  • and mental health.

Who is in my group?

5 to 7 other women who are at a similar menopause stage as yourself and looking for advice or treatment.

Do I really get medical advice?

You do!

You’ll receive personal medical advice from registered healthcare professionals specialising in menopause.

HRT prescriptions are available too, if appropriate.

Who is part of the Bia Care clinical team?

We work with specialists from the NHS to deliver personalised treatments.

The team consists of

  • doctors specialised in menopause care,
  • dieticians,
  • physiotherapists,
  • and health coaches.

Are menopause group sessions and consultations right for me?

They’re suitable for anyone looking for menopause advice and those who are curious to learn from both clinicians and other women’s experiences.

Multiple sessions mean more in-depth conversations, diverse questions, and community building.

What does science say about group consultations?

Research has shown that receiving medical advice in a group setting increases participant’s satisfaction, while sharing experiences with others reduces feelings of isolation.

Is the information I share safe?

Yes. When you join the programme you must sign a confidentiality agreement, so what’s discussed in the group sessions stays in the group sessions.

The information you share online with us is held in a GDPR compliant way, using the latest security software. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

What happens if the internet connection fails during a group session or consultation?

If the internet becomes unstable for you or a Bia Care healthcare provider, we’ll reschedule the remaining time from the session or consultation.

You won’t be charged again for this.

I live outside of the UK, can I still join Bia Care?

People outside of the UK can’t join at the moment. We hope to change this soon.


Can I get an HRT prescription through Bia Care?

Yes, you can receive a private prescription through Bia Care.

If you decide you’d like to receive hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a doctor will determine which type is most suitable for you and then provide you with a prescription.

Is the 90-minute consultation relevant to me if I’m not interested in HRT?

Definitely. After the consultation you will receive a personalised plan which includes advice on non-HRT treatment options, such as nutrition, physiotherapy, and mental health.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is relevant during perimenopause and post menopause like hormonal birth control is pertinent during fertile years.

So HRT is helpful to learn about as a treatment option, but it’s not desired by all women.

Book into the ONLINE #menopause clinic, Bia Care, for only £42.50 with this exclusive mySysters discount, now through Friday, May 13th: https://www.bia.care/book-consultation-50-off-referral