For Your Eyes Only: The Dry Eyes Playlist

More than 60% of women deal with dry eyes. A decline in estrogen and testosterone during perimenopause effects tear production. Fewer tears leads to dry eyes, resulting in painful inflammation and damage to the surface of the eyeball.

Dry eyes often coincides with other perimenopausal symptoms such as sore joints, dry mouth and dry vaginal tissue.

Signs of dry eyes brought on by perimenopause:

Scratchy or gritty feeling
Excessive tearing from the irritation
Increasingly tired eyes during the day
Irritation from smoke, wind or air movement
Stringy mucus excreted by the eyes
Sensitivity to light
Blurred vision
Problems wearing contact lenses

Staying hydrated, rest and artificial tears (not the kind that removes redness) may provide temporary relief. If symptoms are severe or persist, visit a eye care professional.

In the meantime, we’ve collected a special playlist to celebrate the gorgeous eyes of mySysters members. The first one is made for dancing!

Sexy Eyes by Whigfield

Eyes of the World by Fleetwood Mac

We admit this playlist crisscrosses decades and genres. Our only rule was the songs relate to eyes in some way. Other than that, there were no rules. Why? Because we don’t like rules. Dance on, Systers!

Close Your Eyes by Michael Buble

Angel Eyes by ABBA

Not a Dry Eye in the House by Meat Loaf

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli