When Great Friends are Cool Women

By Rosie Cataldano

True story, I didn’t get my period until I was in ninth grade. It was over winter break. I can still picture the warm cotton-wool blend of socks I was wearing. I called my mom to the bathroom and gave her the news. I quipped, “Now, I can’t wait for menopause.” Clearly, I had no clue what I was uttering.

Fast forward to my mid-forties. I truly feel like I’m in my prime. I’ve found being in my forties, affords me a gift: to care less about what other people think – which is liberating. Just when I felt like I was in the safe zone, then comes the period before menopause. What’s this perimenopausal business? Pre-menopausal symptoms? Bring on the night sweats, insomnia, brain fog – where’d I put my keys, anyhow – and some irritability that may cause your neighbors to wonder if you really are a fit parent.

How do I cope with these oh-so-lovely symptoms? At the top of my coping strategies list I have: nutrition, exercise, time management – including some coveted time alone and a good night’s rest! Or, at least try. Sleep is so very important – particularly to help us navigate the symptoms perimenopause can dish up, as gracefully as possible – or at least when I’m in public.

Any problem I have in life, from the mundane to the massive, I can always count on my never-failing core group of friends. They helped me realize I don’t have early onset Alzheimer’s – but I do have some brain fog, which, coupled with the man y tasks that a hustling mom has, can make me feel like a failure when I can’t remember what I did last weekend. Thanks to a friend, I was introduced to the mySysters app – which is like having an added security blanket to my existing network of significant women. The mySysters app has a symptom tracker, which is very handy for OB appointments or in case I forget what my perimenopausal symptoms were last week, and especially the last few months. A girl likes to have options when it comes to clothing and apps – mySysters offers the opportunity to participate in a private forum to make connections with other women in the same boat, regardless of whether they are in a floating or sinking phase.

Tapping into this network also clued me into an innovative new clothing line developed by women for women. The founders of Cucumber Clothing Limited worked for two years to design thermo-regulating and moisture wicking clothing – truly life-changing for women who have hot flashes (hot flushes in the U.K.) or night sweats. It also makes hot summer or vacation nights simply more bearable for those who having trouble sleeping in the heat. It’s makes perfect sense. Countless athletic clothing brands are designed to absorb perspiration. Considering the anecdotal evidence gleaned from my inner circle of female friends, an average night sweat can release more perspiration than an NFL quarterback does before halftime.

After decades of trying to figure out ways to (peacefully) co-exist with all of the hormone fluctuations, we deserve to have a dry and comfortable night’s sleep. Whether you’re dipping your toe into Perimenopausal Stream or you are fully submerged in Menopause Lake, their pieces are beautiful as well as functional!

Here’s the low-down and my review:

  • The clothing can aid in regulating body temperature to help keep you comfortable and dry;
  • The pieces have built-in microbial to keep you smelling fresh;
  • The high-quality, patented, moisture wicking fabric is very soft and comfortable.

#nosweat solution for rollercoaster hormones