5 Ways to Rekindle the Romance

by Tesle Telan

Do you still remember how you felt when you first started dating your partner?

Perhaps you felt attraction and excitement, and chances are you were really polite, attentive and gave your best effort to be in your best behavior during that time.

But as the relationship progresses, everyday life happens and you both get used to each other’s normal routine.

It is human nature to become a bit complacent with your significant other as time passes and you become too comfortable with each other.

The good news is that it’s possible to spark love, joy and appreciation and rediscover your special connection.

Listen Attentively. During your first few dates with your partner, you wanted to know everything about them. You paid close attention to what they had to say and acted in a manner that showed how much you truly cared about them. Always remember that your partner is still longing for that loving attentiveness from you so try to take the time to intently listen to your partner. Just like you, your partner deserves your undivided attention.

Take a trip down memory lane. Bring out your old photos, scrapbooks and photo albums. Remind yourself and your partner of all the good memories you’ve shared together, all the problems and struggles that you encountered hand in hand and all the times in between. Doing so will bring you closer to your partner, realizing that you have gone through so much together and will make you both realize that you’re a team.

Spend quality time together. In your exceptionally busy lives, it can be difficult to really process the beauty of being together. Take a day or two and just spend time together, without any distractions. Eat breakfast together, discuss topics that both interests you and your partner, cook or watch movies at home. Really take this time and get to know your partner even more. No matter how many years you’ve been together, your partner may still surprise you.

Travel together. If you’ve been holding off that vacation, this is the best time to go for it. Go on a vacation with your partner and bring back your “honeymoon phase”. Enjoy exploring different cities and cultures while enjoying each other’s company. Taking a trip connects you more as a couple because you hold on more to each other as you try to go on your adventures.

Engage in a new activity. Discovering new skills together will bring you much closer to each other. There are lots of new activities you can try, you can even take classes together. Baking, learning a new language, physical training and games to name a few. Learning something new can be therapeutic and will help you and your partner release stress and tension as well.