Practicing Self Reflection At Work

by Tesle Telan

Self Reflection is a great way to determine your strengths and weaknesses which is very important in all aspects of life, especially at work. Knowing your true skills and the things that you need to improve on is vital in creating a better workplace environment.

Self reflection allows you to understand what is important and focus on what might be done differently. It also helps you to determine and define your priorities and create an action to follow.

*Here are some reasons to practice self reflection at work: *

Build Your Team Spirit If you are a team leader, manager or a team coordinator at your workplace, self reflection may play a big role in your career. Self Reflection helps you manage expectations, set boundaries and have a clear understanding of the things you want to focus on. It helps you build your team spirit and know where each of your members stand.

Figure Out The Next Step In the workplace, it is also important to know and realize what lies ahead. Self Reflection is a way for you to figure out what could be the next step to achieve your goals. It helps you to plan ahead so you can minimize surprise or unexpected turns and problems.

Know Your Priorities It may be overwhelming at times but self reflection at least once a day will help you keep your priorities straight and focus on what is truly important. Your job is to keep track of what needs to be done and what areas in your workplace needs to be improved more.

Having a weekly discussion with your team members for realignment could be a great way to start as well. Keep in mind that your energy flows freely so always try to have a positive and optimistic mind.