When a woman's body gradually produces less estrogen, possibly leading to hot flashes, night sweats, migraines, joint pain, anxiety and other symptoms. Symptoms typically start around age 35 and last into the 60s, but may begin in a woman's 20s.


The more severe your symptoms, the deeper the color of the date will appear. At the end of the month you'll be able to look for patterns or triggers at glance. Do Mondays always appear a deeper color? Look for lifestyle triggers over the weekend you may be able to change to provide relief.


No one told us hot flashes could start in our mid-30s and continue into our 60s. The same for night sweats, migraines, UTIs, and many other symptoms related to perimenopause. myNews brings in content from a variety of sources where the focus is insight and support.


Choose the symptom. Add a personal note if you like. Save. Done! Before your next doctor visit, tap the Create Report button and the app will send a printable chart of your symptoms to your email for your next medical appointment.


myScene is a community of women who share and help each other with all of the issues related to perimenopause. This woman-designed app allows you to advise and learn in the app's discussion boards where you can connect about any topics on your mind.