How do I view more than one day's worth of symptoms?

To see a chart of your symptoms for multiple days, press the “Get Report” link. You can choose your date range and an email address and a PDF version of the chart will be delivered to your email address.

How do I download the app?

Click the download button on the website or search the App Store for mySysters.

How many symptoms can I track in the app?

Currently there are 31 symptoms to track in the app. If there is a symptom you would like to track that is not currently listed in the app, use the symptom “Other” and add notes. You can also send us feedback with symptoms you feel are missing.

How do I view my symptoms after I have entered them?

There are mutliple ways to view symptoms:

  1. Click myDay, all of your symptoms for the current day will be listed
  2. Click myCalendar and choose the day you would like to view symptoms
How do I share my symptoms with my physician?

You can get a chart of your symptoms by clicking the “Get Report” link. You can choose the date range and an email address to send the chart. You can send the chart directly to your physician if you know their email address or send it to yourself and print it before arriving for your appointment.

What is myNews?

Right now myNews is filled with stories from other women navigating their way through life and sharing their experiences. Coming soon will be health and wellness information, product reviews, videos, articles and anything else we can offer to help celebrate the gifts of being a woman.

What is myScene?

Coming soon! When it’s ready myScene is where you will go to connect with other Systers - share experience, advice or just be there for each other.

Only the current month appears on myCalendar, how do I enter symptoms for past months?

To enter symptoms for a previous month, without using the calendar: 1)Click myDay>Add Symptom 2)Choose a symptom from the list 3)Once you are in the symptom screen, you can change the date to anything within the past two years

What does "Token Session is Expired"

All of your data is missing?! See a message that your session token has expired? Log out of the app and log back in, all of your data should return and you can make updates as needed.

Why can't I reset my password?

Click on the Contact link at the bottom of our website and send us a quick note. We can help resolve your password issues.

Why did all of my data disappear?

We’re working on our technology, but in the mean time try logging out and logging back in. Not the perfect solution, but seems to resolve most issues.