AirDev Entrepreneur Spotlight Cindy Carr

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Straight Talk for Smart Business Women

Show notes:

The app is to create a community of women to talk to each other about perimenopause.

It is important to rely on other people’s expertise when you recognize you don’t know it all.

This business is a mission for me.

There is a steep learning curve with every day being a new adventure.

Lesson#1: You don’t need to have all the answers before you begin.

Things change as you build a business.

You do need to have the time and energy to address new things as they arise.

Lesson#2: Build a network AND relationships.

Everyone you know is in your network.

Networking is about building relationships, not just a sale.

Some people think there is only certain people they should network with - MISTAKE!

Any person is a person worth knowing. You never know who they know.

Lesson #3: You can’t do it all.

You can’t build a business, run a home, raise your children, and manage life and do it perfectly.

Feel guilty if you must but you have to keep going.

Lesson # 3.5: There will always be more lessons.

Everyday something new is thrown at you when you run a business.

This business has pivoted in many directions in the last 10 weeks.

I’m not used to adapting so quickly.

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