Well That's Awkward: Sudden Onset of Clumsiness

by WV Marshall

Find yourself having a case of the butterfingers more often in recent years? Well, you’re not alone. Clumsiness is one of those symptoms of perimenopause that can get lost in the discussion of the more common signs, such as hot flashes/flushes, fluctuating weight, vaginal dryness and reduced libido.

Another thing about clumsiness: It can make bruising – yet another common symptom of menopause – occur even more, says Women’s Health Network.

On its own, bruising could result from hormonal changes or differences in the amount of nutrients in your diet.

This change in hormones also is the likely culprit for dropping or spilling things more often, bumping into things more frequently or becoming more accident prone, Menopause Matters said on its website. **Many women report they have become clumsier during menopause, or that they have become clumsy for the first time ever during menopause. **

A more pronounced propensity for bruising also can be traced to fluctuating hormones. These shifting levels can make skin thinner.

Clumsiness is widely known as a PMS symptom, as are headaches, acne, and joint or muscle pain, among others.

Any of this sound familiar? They’re also symptoms of perimenopause, most of which tend to disappear postmenopause.