Ways to Better Understand Your Significant Other

by Tesle Telan

The first duty of love is to listen–giving attention goes a long way in any relationship.

There are a lot of ways to better understand your significant other, and whether you are going through a rough patch or just wanting to improve your relationship, we’ve some suggestions for you to consider.

Focus on being understanding, not understood.

In order for someone to really appreciate you, you have to show them you are interested and really invested in them, especially if it’s your significant other.

Listen to what they are saying, ask them how their day went and show interest during conversations.

Let them share their goals and visions for the future. If your significant other is not the type who likes to bring up these topics first, try to ask them subtle and thought provoking questions.

These questions can help them slowly share their ideas and visions for the future.

Always wrap up your conversation with a supportive remark.

Give attention.

It is easy to converse with your loved one, but what is hard is keeping yourself interested and giving them enough attention.

Sometimes we tend to do other things while talking or chatting with our significant other.

Create a better way of communication by looking your partner in the eye when they’re talking, smile and nod to show that you agree and refrain from interrupting them even if you don’t like what you’re hearing.

Take down notes inside your head and politely bring up some questions after they talk to discuss the things you don’t understand.

Be kind and respectful.

The key to a healthier and happier relationship is to always be kind and respectful to your partner.

Listen with your ears and understand with your heart.

Consider talking to a therapist or relationship advisor to get more personal tips on how you can better your relationship.